Friday, December 19, 2008

Dealing with the Post

This isn't really related to studying but I need to vent a little. Last week I order something that is on a time schedule; not "need it by Christmas" but I need it pretty soon. I ordered it from a site that I have ordered from many many times before and I always get my package within 3 days of ordering. Not this time. Because I desperately need this package it refuses to come to my door. It is mocking me, making me wait until the very last possible moment, until I almost lose my sanity, before it decides to grace my doorstep with its beautiful green and white packaging. I have to sit here until the mail comes, unable to write, unable to enjoy my brief, very brief vacation because I am getting an ulcer over a small package.

Of course this waiting has given me time to reflect on my life. Let me take a breather and remember why I do favors for people who don't know me, don't care about me, and most importantly, enjoy yelling at me like the guy at McDonalds who just hands over the food, he didn't make it, he didn't get the order wrong, but they yell at him any ways because he's lucky enough to standing at the window.

So I say to you, dear reader, I hope this Christmas season your packages arrive on time, unharmed, and remember, don't yell at someone, more then likely it's not their fault; it's the post offices fault.

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